This book contains the best personal experiences from well-known genuine psychics and mediums. Alan said: "I thought why not get them to tell you their scariest encounters, after all these are the people who are at the front end of the 'things that go bump in the night'. This book is their opportunity to share with you some amazing, thought provoking esoteric and generally frightening first hand encounters."

Lots of people in all walks of life including most cultures and religions are fascinated to listen to or read a good ghost story. Whatever the reason may be, whether it is simply the mystery of the unknown, contemplation of our own mortality, or purely that as humans we just like that emotion of being scared?

In this book there are short stories from around the North West of England and North Wales and a list of notable places and locations that get the five stars of distinction in the world of the paranormal, plus places you can visit and stay for an overnight vigil.

Also included is a handy Ghost guide and safety check list to help set you up for your own paranormal adventure.

Alan writes about his own personal and family experiences and includes his paranormal diary from 2008. Alan said: "In this manner I can vouch for the credibility of these stories as every rational investigation has been conducted to explain this strange phenomenon logically in a materially reductionist manner and only when all plausible possibilities are exhausted then it is placed into the unexplained mysterious file."


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