Have you lost the magic of Christmas and how it felt when you were a young child? Then come with me on this journey back in time to open your presents on Christmas day and see the real Santa. 







Last week I had the pleasure of celebrating a

lovely wedding in Malta and it was great to

meet the Prime Minister again Mr Joseph Muscat.

It was an outside event and the weather was beautiful.

Just had an amazing week filming on two separate unrelated series. The first part of the week was spent with Derek Acorah and Director Kevin Elliot finishing off the second episode of “Beyond the Grave” in Bradford on outside broadcast, and the last two days were spent making TV history by filming a “proof of concept” using the state of art green screen filming at media City in Manchester with an amazing well established London production company.

Getting great vibes on both productions and I am really looking forward to fruition hopefully fingers crossed on terrestrial TV later in the year.

Easter weekend approaching so enjoy and have a lovely break. Back to Malta on Tuesday after the bank holiday so looking forward to seeing my Maltese friends, colleagues and of course beautiful weather. x

Interesting TV interview last week on One TV with presenter Wayne Aqulina. It was a pre-record so sadly I didn’t get to see it as I was back in England.


Exciting times ahead as we are filming 12 episodes of a new

TV series,“Beyond the Grave”. The programmes are a new

fresh concept for TV and we are filming all over the UK. We

are looking at broadcasting at the end of the year, I will

keep you up to speed as we progress.

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